Frazier Award

Edward L. Frazier Distinguished Service Award

Since its inception, the Hoosier Association of Science Teachers, Inc. has relied exclusively on the volunteer efforts of its membership to provide service to science educators in the state. Throughout the history of our organization, there have been unique individuals who have devoted time and effort to our organization beyond what was expected. These individuals have been responsible for the growth and success of HASTI. Consequently, the Board of Directors each year looks at the membership to identify those unique individuals and recognize their distinguished service in our organization. HASTI has grown and fostered as a direct result of many individuals but especially through the efforts of these individuals.

This award is given to those unique individuals who have devoted long term exceptional time and effort to HASTI beyond what is expected. These individuals are responsible for fostering the growth and success of the organization through their distinguished service. In addition to the honor of being selected for this prestigious award, the recipient will receive a recognition plaque and a life membership in HASTI.

Past Recipients

2013 -  Jane Hunn, Isidore Julien

2008 -  Mark Mettert, Greg McCurdy

2007 -  Monica Ellis 

2006 -  Carol Chen, Sharon McElroy

2005 -  Karen Henman 

2004 -  Patricia Zeck 

2003 -  Marvin Giesting 

2002 -  D'Ann Stouffer 

2001 -  Carolyn Hayes 

2000 -  Rick Crosslin, Dr. Marshall Parks, Dr. Kenneth Ulhorn, Emma Colglazier 

1999 -  Michael Kobe, Margaret Flack, Charles Flack

1998 -  Dr. Susan Johnson 

1997 -  John V. Davis, Jon R. Hendrix, Cheryl Cowan (in memoriam)

1996 -  Dorothy Gable, Virginia Rhodes 

1995 -  William Greathouse, Gordon Hopp, Clyde Motts

1994 -  Priscilla Costello, Judith Douglas Pritchett, Florence L. Juillerat, 
             James E. Weigand, Carole Goshorn, William Gommel

1993 -  James Baumgartner

1992 -  Hans O. Andersen

1989 -  Jane B. Kahle 

1988 -  Elizabeth A. Frazier, Susan P. Speece

1987 -  Jude B. Bingham

1986 -  Stanley Shimer 

1985 -  Walter A. Cory 

1984 -  Pam Steeves Kendall

1982 -  Edward Frazier 

1981 -  Robert Milliron 

1980 -  Charlotte Boener, Jerry Colglazier

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